The Steve Wilkos Show

Since 2013, Dr. Robin Barnett has been the exclusive Addiction Expert for the Steve Wilkos Show (NBC Universal). Referred to by Steve Wilkos and his national audience as “Dr. Robin”, her tough but fair style has not only earned the respect of even the most hardened addicts, but also saved countless lives along the way. Dr. Robin has the ability to disarm any situation, which is why Steve Wilkos himself insists on her being part of his team.


logoJustice is back for a ninth season with “The Steve Wilkos Show.”


In this one-hour nationally syndicated talk show, Wilkos, a former U.S. Marine, Chicago police officer and TV veteran, helps people stand up for themselves and dishes out help to people from all walks of life.
“Many of the guests who come on my show are facing serious problems and are crying out for help from someone who has their best interests at heart,” the 6-foot 3-inch host says.


Over the past five seasons, Wilkos helped authorities take pedophiles off the streets, gave dozens of women the courage to walk away from abusive relationships and coached teens against the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  He uses tough love to approach a wide range of issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child endangerment, gang affiliation, and racism, among others.

Wilkos puts evil in its place and helps victims reach their full potential with his no-nonsense attitude, sense of discipline and code of honor he learned from his days in the Marines and Chicago Police Department.  He goes above and beyond the role of compassionate talk show host by providing people with the tools and building blocks to help them get their lives back on track.


“I believe the moral code I was taught during my marine training, the street smarts I picked up as a police officer and the patience and compassion I’ve developed from becoming a father have prepared me to help my guests get through the hard times they are facing,” Wilkos says.  He adds, “One of the things that I’m proudest of – though sometimes it is a long and difficult journey – is that we provide victims of crime with closure that they so desperately need.”


A Chicago native, Wilkos served as a Marine before his 12-year stint with the Chicago Police Department. During his time as a Chicago beat cop, he kept the streets safe in the city’s volatile 14th District (Shakespeare). He retired from the force in 2001 and now devotes himself to his family and talk show.


In September 2008, The Steve Wilkos Show teamed up with USA CARES, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial support to military families in their time of need.  As a national spokesperson for the organization, Wilkos is proud to use the show to highlight the challenges facing military personnel and their families upon returning from war.


For the 2014/15 season, “The Steve Wilkos Show” is averaging 2.8 million daily viewers with 50% of his audience deriving from the advertiser friendly Adults 25-54 demographic.  “The Steve Wilkos Show” is equaling last season as its highest rated season on record with ratings increases of +44% among Households, +43% among Total Viewers, +41% among Women 18-34, +30% among Women 18-49, and +31% and Women 25-54 vs. its premiere season of 2007-08.


Staying true to his police roots, Wilkos is fully committed to making the world a safer place to live.  He continues to help Illinois authorities track down the man who viciously murdered five women at a Chicago suburban Lane Bryant store.


He has also worked with police agencies in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and even the Royal Canadian Mounties to help apprehend criminals.


“The Steve Wilkos Show” is taped in front of a live studio audience in Stamford, CT.  The show is distributed in national syndication by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.